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The Hexagon Trust is situated in Durban, South Africa. It is a charitable non-profit NGO that aims to provide opportunities for students to realise their full educational potential. In addition to this, The Hexagon Trust aims to contribute to the process of educational transformation. The trust provides bursaries to economically disadvantaged students. Financial assistance is awarded for study in the Science, Engineering, and Commerce fields at tertiary level. Bursaries cover registration, tuition fees, and a book allowance. Moreover, the relevance of The Hexagon Trust to society today is unquestionable, especially in the light of the acute shortage of critical skills for engineers, scientists, accountants that the country requires. Complete your bursary applications online today.

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It is a humbling fact that more than 1500 students who would not have been able to access tertiary education have done so. Equally important is that they are playing important roles in their respective fields within different communities. The objective a Hexagon Trust bursary is to create and maintain an environment in which the youth in South Africa can flourish, while making a difference in their fields of study. Our bursaries have helped boost the careers of many well-known figures in South Africa. We build relationships with our awardees. In brief our program is designed to help learners who are committed to their studies develop their skills, and reach their full potential.

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We expect the best from South African youth, however the socio-economic conditions for many makes it very difficult for them to pursue their further education studies. Tertiary education brings challenges of accessibility and affordability. A Hexagon bursary helps empower youth who struggle financially. We nurture, motivate, mentor, care for, and support our bursars until they have completed their higher education. To conclude, we are completely focused on the well-being of bursary awardees. It is for this reason that we monitor their progress and have regular contact with students.

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