2011 January. I had been accepted for a National Diploma Mechanical engineering. With no clue of where I am going, I bounced on many doors seeking funding. Luckily, I was accepted by the Hexagon Trust fund and things calmed down. Varsity life started, and I thought I knew it all until I failed for the first time in my school career. Chasing DPs knowing that you won’t make it to the exam still, but I had to keep on pushing and learning from my mistakes.

Fast forward to 2015 January. I had completed my practical’s and upon submitting my reports I was told I had too many credits, basically I did two years’ worth of work in one year, meaning I had to wait another year before graduating. A few days after I was employed as a Field Service Engineer.

Felix Chimbinyu​

2015, 2016 (graduation) and 2017 I decided to end my career in Engineering because I had realised that it wasn’t for me in the first place. Today I’m part of an academy that will shape generations and ensure that they don’t repeat the same mistakes we made. Lessons learnt, you don’t need to wait for opportunities to come your way. Talk, go, research, read, ask but whatever you do just START!!!!!! Talk to us, we are here!

In closing I’d like to ask all young black corporate graduates to speak to the generation that’s coming after them. Share your stories this time of the year so that the young guys going into Varsity this year know what to expect in the future. At least we know.